Interviewing a Cleaning Service

Interviewing a Cleaning ServicePoints to  consider when interviewing a potential Cleaning Service.

First Point:

1.  Ask general questions about services provided to various clients.

A.  How many customers do you serve ?

B.  Would it be okay to speak to one of them regarding your services ?

C.  How long have you been working with different clients?

D. What type of variety do you have with customer types?  Example: homes, businesses, special detail work, one shot projects like move out cleans.

E.  Does your company do specialty cleaning jobs such as carpet, windows, or specialty floor work like burnishing ?

Second Point:

Also, ask some questions around employees they hire.  These will be the folks coming into your home or business to do the work.

1.  How many employees do you have?

2.  What do you look for in a perspective employee?

3.  What is your training program like for new hires?

4.  Would it be okay to speak with one of your employees?

5.  How do you evaluate your employees’ performance on jobs they do?

6.  Do you get feedback from customers and what is this like for your employees?

7.  Do you do background check before hiring employees and what checks do you do?


How to Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

residential cleaning south shore maOver the next several weeks this Blog will introduce recommendations when choosing a Professional Cleaning Service.

The First Point;

1. What is the reputation of the business you are considering?

A.   How would you check the businesses reputation?

A few good ways to check are referrals, references, or testimonials.

Referrals:   Did you get a quality referral for this business prospect?

References:  Is the service willing to provide references you can speak with?

Testimonials:  Does the company prospect have any written testimonials from current or past customers?

It’s important to have a well thought out strategy when selecting a Professional Cleaning Service.  You want to ensure that their reputation is good.   Hope you have success in finding a great service and that the selection process is rewarding.